Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Syllabus System
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Syllabus System
Manual for JAIST Web Syllabus

♦ What does this do?

You can search a syllabus and save it. Change it to a pdf file as "My Syllabi".

♦ System Requirements

◊ Operation
Windows 8.1, 10 , 11 / Mac OS X
◊ Browser
Internet Explorer version 11 / Edge final version / Safari final version / Firefox final version / Google Chrome final version
  • The system might not operate if you use a web browser which is not mentioned above.
  • Turn on the JavaScript.
  • Do not use the return/forward buttons on the browser.


Use Adobe Reader to see My Syllabi PDF files or print them. Install it for free by clicking the icon below.

Use Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems for any PDF files.

* Please use Adobe Reader because other PDF viewers may not work properly.

1. Change languages

Click either Japanese or English to show the page in the language.

Change languages

2. Search Syllabus

Enter categories and search Syllabus.

Search syllabus

•Category Search

Narrow your search by entering Year, School, Classification, Term, Day, Period, Course Number, Course Title, Instructor, Language used in class.

You can veiw syllabi from 2014.
Course Number must be exact match.
Course Title and Instructor are partial match search. Use space key and make multiple entries (AND search).
This search is case-insensitive.

•Search and Clear

Enter categories and click "search" and move to the page with results.
Click "clear" to clear the entries.

3. Retrieval result list

Show the search results.

 Retrieval result list

•Add search criteria

Click this to go back to the previous page (search syllabus).

•Multiple pages

Each page shows 50 hits max.

•Course Title

Click this to see the contents (4. Syllabus).

•My Syllabi

Click this to add the course syllabus to your list. Click again to delete it.

My Syllabi ON     My Syllabi OFF
My Syllabi ON        My Syllabi OFF

My Syllabi is a temporary saved file and may be deleted if you close the window or jump to an external page.

4. Syllabus

Shows the details.


•My Syllabi List

Click this to go to "My Syllabi List".

5. My Syllabi List

Shows the list of the courses in "My Syllabi List".

My Syllabi List

•Create PDF

Choose a language and click "Create PDF".

6. My Syllabi (PDF)
My Syllabi (PDF)

Create one PDF file of the course syllabi in the chosed language. You can seve the file on your computer afterwards.